“All the admitted candiates shall be required to strictly abide by the provisions of rules and regulations prescribed by Institute,as regards to their conduct and discpline.”

All trainees should in to conduct themselves according to the highest standards of manners and discipline.

Punctual and regular attendance is essential for good progress in studies and conductive to moduling of characters.

Dignity for labor is an important aspect of our training.No job is considered below one’s dignity.

Therefore, all trainees must be ready to work hard,including any type of physical work. This includes cleaning and maintenance of SNS Premises, Classrooms, Workshops, Toilets, Machinery, Tools, and materials by the students.

No trainee shall leave the classroom or workshop without permision from her/his instructor.

Each trainee must ensure to wear complete neat and clean uniform through out the course.

Trainees are allowed to carry out practical work only as assigned by her / his instructor.

Safety regulations must be followed SNS will not be responsible for any injury or disablement caused due to non-observance of the prescribed regulations.

In case of illness, a medical certificate from a recognized medical practitioner is essential.

80% attendance is the minimum requirement for a trainee to be eligible to appear for the All India Trade Test. Non-compliance will disqualify the trainee from appearing in the NCVT examination.